At an elevation of 7,000 feet, Flagstaff lies at the foot of the San Francisco Peaks, is a short drive to the red rocks of Sedona and Oak Creek, the artist town of Jerome, the Grand Canyon, and countless hiking and mountain bike trails. It’s proximity to the great Navajo and Hopi lands make it a culturally rich and diverse community. The Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS) is an extensive combination of village sidewalks, pathways, forest and mountain trails, accessible for walking or biking from the house. It is a two hour drive from Phoenix/Scottsdale.

A pedestrian town, mountain or town bike rentals are available for those who like to keep their car parked. It’s possible to arrive here sansvehicle altogether, arriving at the train station via shuttle from the Phoenix airport, by train from Los Angeles or Albuquerque, and renting a car within walking distance for longer trips.

North of the railroad tracks is the charming historic and tourist area, abundant with shopping, restaurants, outdoor events and festivals. This house is on the south side of the tracks, a funkier, burgeoning arts district with galleries, coffeehouses, artisan and casual restaurants and brewpubs. All of Flagstaff is a food-lovers place, with world class coffee, beer and local wines and an emphasis on local food supplies at it’s many restaurant options. There is a natural grocery within walking distance of the house, several charming provisional shops, and a Whole Foods